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Clearwater Associates, Ltd.  is your expert source for "state of the art" innovative water treatment products and professional "technical" consulting services. For more than 15 years, we have focused on developing long-term partnerships with both our customers as well as technical partners.  This has enabled us to consistently provide the highest quality products and services to the marketplace.  As a result, Clearwater Associates, Ltd. enjoys the highest client retention rate in the industry. 

Our objective is to implement "sound", economical and environmentally responsible water management programs to effectively control scaling, corrosion and micro-biological growth while requiring by the engineering department a minimum amount of time and effort to maintain
"Achieving Ecological Sense -
                    Maintaining Economic Cents"
Clearwater Associates, Ltd. is a regional commercial and industrial water treatment company based just outside Chicago, Illinois and has over 70 years of combined technical water management experience involving specialized chemical treatment blends, tailored feed application systems and comprehensive "on-site" field service programs.  Our products and treatment methods are very similar to what is being recommended and practiced by many municipalities, state and federal installations and large commercial and industrial facilities.  Our treatments and technical services extend the "service life" of boilers, cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers and piping systems as well as reduce utility plant operating costs by minimizing water and energy consumption.

Our "Point of Feed"  safe chemical delivery system enables us to supply our water treatment products in a manner that minimizes operator exposure to chemicals.  Utilizing brand named components such as Pulsatrol, Advantage, Walchem and Liquid Metronics in all our chemical feed systems, we service what we sell, guaranteeing all equipment one year past the manufacturer's guarantee.  We have complete laboratory support capabilities enabling our field personnel to utilize the most sophisticated analytical equipment available for handling any water treatment challenges. 

We at Clearwater Associates, Ltd. pride ourselves at being leaders in the industry with the ability to offer the newest technologies to our customers while being environmentally responsible.  With a strong commitment to our client's success, we believe our customer relationship is a partnership towards that goal.  We will meet this commitment as a result of our solid foundation of providing superior service and customer satisfaction. 
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