Feed & Control Equipment
Commercial / Industrial Water Treatment
Clearwater Associates, Ltd.. has long recognized that water treatment programs work best when water chemistry is controlled using automatic feed and monitoring equipment.  We serve as a major distributors of high quality water treatment feed and control equipment, working with suppliers and technical partners who produce sophisticated  controllers-monitors, chemical metering pumps, blowdown valves, and other equipment for maintaining system water chemistry. Many of these items incorporate computer technology which allow our customers and our field engineers to remotely adjust the settings on chemical feed pumps, control system blowdown, as well as monitor water evaporation rates and chemical treatment usage.  Leading equipment manufacturers recognize our years of experience and value our input in the development of new and better feed and control equipment for the water treatment marketplace.

In designing chemical feed and control systems for our clients, we start by specifying equipment of the highest quality and reliability. This includes equipment manufactured by Pulsafeeder, Advantage, Walchem and Liquid Metronics. Each treatment feed and monitoring system is designed to meet the needs of our customers and their specific water treatment applications. Typical systems vary from simple chemical metering pumps and microprocessor-based controllers to sophisticated web-based controllers that can be remotely accessed via the Internet from any computer, anywhere in the world.
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