NON-TOXIC, environmentally friendly anti-freeze replacement for ethylene or propylene glycol charged systems.  Bio-renewable, bio-degradable, man-earth friendly!  Complete with corrosion inhibitors/anti-scalants/buffering agents/bittering agent.
Concentrated Cooling Tower Treatment blends of powerful GREENCLEAN-ACID for pH control with polymeric dispersants and anti-scalants.  Formulated as an all-in-one package for scale/deposit/corrosion control for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  SAFE to use on all metals including GALVANIZED systems!  NON-DOT REGULATED!
Concentrated Cooling Tower Treatment blends of powerful polymeric dispersants and anti-scalants. Formulated as an all-in-one package with NO pH control for scale/deposit/corrosion control for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  SAFE to use on all metals including GALVANIZED systems!  NON-DOT REGULATED!

Concentrated Cooling Tower Treatment blend of bio-degradable formulation components to penetrate and disperse biologically and/or organically based foulants.  Safely removes accumulated organic foulant masses/environment where microbiological entities thrive.
Closed Hot/Chilled Water System Treatment blend containing ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibitors and organic polymeric dispersants for iron and hardness control.  Naturally occurring as well as bio-degradable and bio-renewable components.
NON TOXIC calcium/hardness descaling product.  Man-earth friendly.  Bio-degradable, bio-renewable and SAFE to use on all metal components including GALVANIZED systems!
Fast Kill-Broad Spectrum Non-Oxidizing Microbiocide while being Algal Specific
20% active DBNPA.  Fast kill, Non Oxidizing Microbiocide biodegrades quickly-Legionella Pnuemophilia specific.
Stabilized liquid bromine-chlorine solution.  A pumpable bromine donor, oxidizing microbial control agent.
15% Sodium Hypochlorite solution, Oxidizing microbial control agent.
Commercial / Industrial Water Treatment
Clearwater Associates, Ltd. continues to be a Leading Force in Water Treatment Technology formulating innovative, non-regulated treatment blends that promote Operator Safety and Ecological Sense. Continuing this initiative, CWA has grouped these specialized products under the EmeraldSafe-GreenSense Technologies banner.  CWA has aggressively expanded our efforts to incorporate the principals of into a number of other related product cores such as our brand new ClearClean Institutional Products line as well as water chemistry test reagents.

EmeraldSafe represents CWA's continuing efforts in our responsibility to preserve our living earth for future generations.

EmeraldSafe products are engineered to meet a number of criterion including safer non-regulated based materials, greater biodegradability, bio-renewability whenever possible and the formulation ingredients have to maintain a healthy degree of economic sense/cents.  Going broke green is not the goal of EmeraldsSafe.  Actually its quite the opposite.  EmeraldSafe represents a marriage between product innovation and economic sensibility utilizing incremental stages of greener technologies with an ever present focus that the present stage of green is never green enough.

EmeraldSafe-GreenSense Technologies water chemistry reagents function the same and provide the same values as non-EmeraldSafe testing reagents.  There are NO changes in test values.  EmeraldSafe represents sensibly engineered applications of greener technologies available to all of us today. We can all work together to protect our living earth!

"Achieving Ecological Sense-
                                               Maintaining Economic Cents"
CAmazing-GreenFrost 100l
EmeraldSafe     - GreenSense     Technologies
     (some of our customer preferred products)
Amazing-Cool 100/200
Amazing-Cool 300
Amazing-BioAlternative 100/200
Amazing-CS Treat 100
Amazing BullsEye Scale Remover
Bellacide TM 355
BioBrom TM C-103L
Bromax TM
BCS Sodium Hypochlorite
No biocide can be "Green".  However, the following  microbial control products are certainly "Greener" vs. many other more toxic microbiocides which are harder for man to handle.  Biocides in some manner are required in many water distribution systems.  The microorganisms found in cooling water applications can be highly corrosive to piping and related heat exchange equipment and more importantly, in the case of Legionella Pnuemophilia, can be lethal to man.  Subsequently, biocides are utilized to control the microorganism.  We can choose to apply materials that are far less toxic to man-earth than the more toxic microbial control agents, and still address the performance/cost issues we face everyday. 
Cooling Water Biocide Selection
"The Green Choice for a Safer Environment"
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