The Solid Solution for Water Treatment
Commercial / Industrial Water Treatment
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chemicals are provided as solid concentrates in small one-gallon recyclable plastic bottles rather than liquid in large drums.  The CWA-Solid Concentrate
is dissolved as needed into a small plastic reservoir using a free-standing or wall-mountable solid chemical dissolving system.  The chemical feed solution is then pumped into the system being treated just like with liquid chemicals.

Issue                                           Key Features / Benefits

Safety           *  Heavy 55 gallon-500 lb. drum of liquid chemical replaced with four 12.5 lb. containers.
*  Solid feed rate only 1 ounce per 1000 gallons or 1 lb. treats 22,000 gallons of makeup water.
*  Solid product is converted to liquid in the dissolver reservoir, eliminating chemical exposure.
*  Less handling and movement of chemical though the facility means less hazardous risk.

Time & Space*  Drums/pails are more cumbersome and time consuming to handle than small solid
*  Inventory management is more streamlined with fewer change-outs verses drums/pails.
*  Solid dissolver reservoir takes less space than a 55 gallon drum and holds the equivalent
         of many drums of liquid product.          
*  4x1 gallon solid concentrate is a fraction of the size/weight of a drum but contains more
         usable product.

Sustainability *   50-90% fewer pounds of product are shipped, reducing fuel consumption and C02 emissions.
*  Plastic drums and pails are eliminated.
*  Eliminates rinsing / washing and recycling plastic drums and pails.
*  100% of product is utilized, eliminating “heel of drum” concerns.
*  Solid dissolver units are manufactured with recycled plastic-built to last years.