Point of Feed" System
Commercial / Industrial Water Treatment
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Clearwater Associates, Ltd's "Point of Feed" System is a unique water treatment storage and chemical feed system that eliminates or minimizes operator exposure to treatment chemicals. The "Point of Feed" System enables trained delivery specialists to bring water treatment chemicals to the point of use and eliminate the problems associated with handling and dispensing of chemical treatment and the disposal of empty water treatment drums and containers.

The "Point of Feed" System utilizes specially designed corrosion resistant tanks in a variety of sizes to fit specific customer needs. Our unique drumless water treatment system insures uninterrupted chemical feed for continuous system protection while at the same time minimizing floor space required for storage of water treatment products.

The "Point of Feed" Sytem is the most flexible drumless delivery system available and sets the standard for client safety and chemical spill prevention. The containment storage tanks meet or exceed local, state and federal environmental standards for handling water treatment chemicals.

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