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Amazing BullsEye is a unique and proprietary blend of formulation components designed to remove mineral deposits, iron and particulate matter from heat transfer areas in boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers and closed loop systems.  Amazing BullsEye will speedily remove the scale forming ions without excessively increasing corrosion rates, unlike mineral acid based descaling compounds.  Amazing BullsEye contains specific corrosion control agents for ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as organic solubilizing compounds and polymeric dispersion agents; all working together to provide a Safer and more Effective Method for Descaling.

Amazing BullsEye is a non-regulated, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic, biodegradable blend of solubilizing, penetrating and wetting agents.  Amazing BullsEye has been scientifically designed to penetrates and dissolve Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Sulfate, Calcium Phosphate, Iron Oxides, lime, mud, rust and other forms of deposits typically encountered in water treatment. 

Amazing BullsEye has been engineered to be environmentally friendly with low phophorous content, low order of eco-toxicity, low order of human toxicity and with renewable raw materials alleviating the need for oil based derivatives or energy robbing processes.

Amazing BullsEye will  work to dissolve to dissolve and disperse mineral-based scales quickly and effectively and more importantly SAFELYAmazing BullsEye  has been uniquely formulated with both ferrous and non-ferrous corrosion protection inhibitors for added value. 

Amazing BullsEye can be applied from dilution values ranging from 5 to 50% depending on the amount, composition and tenacity of the deposits.  Most chemical cleaning reactions are faster under elevated temperatures; Amazing BullsEye can be applied at ambient temperatures with full effectiveness and obtainable results. 
Amazing BullsEye Scale Remover & System Cleanser

The Safe "Green" Descaler
Amazing BullsEye Scale Remover & System Cleanser
Safer to Handle
Safer to Apply
Safer to Ship
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Calcium Carbonate deposit
Amazing FerroStar Iron Oxide Remover & System Cleanser
EmeraldSafe-GreenSense Technologies
"The Green Choice for a Safer Environment"
The Safe "Green" Iron Oxide Remover
Amazing FerroStar is a unique proprietary product formulation that has been designed as a non-regulated cleaning agent to remove Iron Oxide corrosion by-products from multi-metal heating and cooling systems. Amazing FerroStar is safer and easier to use than aggressive mineral acid based type cleaning compounds.  Amazing FerroStar is NOT a corrosive cleaner that the user has to work with, and will not attack metal surfaces!  Amazing FerroStar will actually provide corrosion protection to ferrous and non-ferrous metals during the cleaning process by passivating the ferric alloys, minimizing corrosion and fouling.  Amazing FerroStar can be used in the toughest of conditions and in mixed metallurgy systems!  

Amazing FerroStar besides working in Iron Oxide deposits will also have effectiveness on Calcium Carbonate, Sulfates, Phosphates and Organic deposits.  The cleaning action of  Amazing FerroStar is effected by temperature.  As temperature increases, the cleaning action of Amazing FerroStar is enhanced.  It is recommended to have the re-circulating water within a temperature of 50 to 90 Centigrade.

All ingredients in Amazing FerroStar meet the guidelines established by the USDA for meat and poultry plants and are compatible with conventional water treatment products used in boiler water, closed loop and open re-circulating systems

Uses for Amazing FerroStar

Open Cooling Systems
Closed Loops
Removal of Rust/Iron Oxide Scale in Water
"White Rust" deposit removal
Anywhere Iron Oxides are encountered!

Amazing FerroStar Iron Oxide Remover & System Cleanser

                           Safer to Handle, Safer to Apply, Safer to Ship